All leading texturing machine producers worldwide specify DAYTEX cots
  1. Outstanding product properties
  2. Highest quality standards
  3. Universal application
  4. Superior lifetime

Leading machinery makers have been specifying DAYTEX texturing cots exclusively for more than 30 years. The development of these cots has remained ahead of the demands of new filament manufacturing processes.

DAYTEX texturing cots are used today on all leading texturing machines. No matter the filament materials or climate conditions, DAYTEX texturing cots run trouble free and without vibration. DAYTEX texturing cots reach superior life cycles for all common fiber types.

What to expect

Quality standard

Reliability comes from quality, which is enabled by selecting raw materials that feature dependable and stable consistency.

Area of application

The cots are designed to meet the demands of any fiber and deliver top performance even under different climate conditions.

Manufacturing expertise

The state-of-the-art production facility with its latest mixing technologies enables a stable compound quality for every shipment.

Types, sizes and surfaces

The cots are available in various Shore hardness grades for a wide range of applications in textile manufacturing: from Shore A 60 to 70 soft over 70 to 75 mid soft up to 75 to 85 hard. The hardness grade influences the yarn quality and cot lifetime.

Texturing cots

ProductApplicationFiberColorShore A hardness
121General purposeSyntheticsBlack70
836General purposeSyntheticsGray75


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