Excellent and precise yarn guidance
  1. Perfect running behavior
  2. Highest product reliability
  3. Outstanding lifetime

Excellent performance is a hallmark of Accotex cots. It is also the secret behind the production of stable yarn quality during the cot’s lifetime. The perfect running behavior is defined by fewer laps, ends down and unbound fibers. Together these advantages translate into fewer machine standstills during the cot’s lifetime, which in turn results in top machine efficiency.

What to expect

Quality standard

Reliability comes from quality, which is enabled by selecting raw materials that feature dependable and stable consistency.

Area of application

The cots are designed to meet the demands of any fiber and deliver top performance even under different climate conditions.

Manufacturing expertise

The state-of-the-art production facility with its latest mixing technologies enables a stable compound quality for every shipment.

Types, sizes and surfaces

The cots are available in various Shore hardness grades for a wide range of applications in textile manufacturing: from Shore A 60 to 70 soft over 70 to 75 mid soft up to 75 to 85 hard. The hardness grade influences the yarn quality and cot lifetime.

Rotor spinning

For the nip roller position on rotor spinning frames Accotex offers special cot qualities in the range of 70 to 83 Shore hardness.

These cot qualities provide superior abrasion resistance while offering an excellent yarn grip which provides the basis for superb running properties and highest product durability over the whole service life.

ProductApplicationFiberColorShore A hardness
121Nip roller cot



Nip roller cot

Dark gray72
J-490Nip roller cotAllGray83

Cotton (CO), Man-Made Fibers (MMF)


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