Elastomer Expertise

Leading cots and aprons

The leading cots and aprons from the Accotex product portfolio ensure process stability and high yarn quality. The company is committed to meet customer needs with consistently high product quality. The products comply with the highest requirements in long- and short-staple spinning applications, air-jet spinning, texturing, finishing and in the glass fiber yarn industry.

DAYTEX Shrinkage Belts

DAYTEX, an Accotex product line, is the leading manufacturer of shrinkage belts as well as cots and aprons in the finishing and texturing sector. Multinational teams are responsible for the development, manufacturing and distribution of DAYTEX products. A network of experienced representatives around the globe provides the highest level of service and expertise to ensure the optimal performance of our products.


Elastomer components by Accotex enable consistently high yarn quality in all process steps, resulting in a better fabric quality. The development team is continuously working on new elastomer compounds for even better results in the textile industry.

Customer Benefits

Accotex aims to fulfil customers’ needs with constant product quality in every order. A global team supports customers in all matters around Accotex cots and aprons.

Code of Conduct

Good corporate citizenship and integrity are core to Accotex' success. 


Accotex components help customers produce more with less energy and waste, helping them achieve a better environmental footprint.