Excellent stability
  1. Perfect running behavior
  2. Highest product reliability
  3. Outstanding lifetime

DAYTEX texturing aprons were developed jointly with the texturizing industry from the first beginnings to the present stage of micro fibre production. The dynamic stability of the aprons is the result of intensive development work.

Since the control of the filament tension is of vital importance for the texturing process and for the resulting even dye uptake, aprons are expected to be able to maintain a constant quality within the maintenance cycle of the machine. DAYTEX texturing aprons are guaranteed to run without vibration and exhibit excellent chemical resistance resulting in a long life cycle.

What to expect


All these features combined result in fewer machine standstills or interruptions, which guarantee highest machine efficiency.

Area of application

Accotex aprons stand for trouble-free processing of all common fibers under various climate conditions.

Manufacturing standards

The most advanced compound technology combined with high-tech chemistry, select high-quality raw materials, and a state-of-the-art production facility with the latest mixing technology lead to highest product reliability.

Product promise

Precise product dimensions and highest dimensional stability are hallmarks of Accotex aprons. The stable and consistent production of the aprons is the key to superior life cycles for all common fibers. The aprons offer sufficient resistance to all popular fiber finishings and colors.

Types, sizes and surfaces

The aprons are available in a wide range of dimensions. Standard sizes can be delivered with a knurled inside structure. Skived or skived and pre-glued versions can be ordered in different dimensions.

Texturing aprons

PRODUCTAPPLICATIONFiberOuter layerInner layer
T-4347General purposeMMFRedGray
203 TGeneral purposeMMFGrayLight gray

Man-Made Fibers (MMF)


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