ACC64 and ACC68 Cots

New era in compound technology
  1. Longer service life
  2. Sophisticated compound design
  3. Stable yarn quality

The ACC series

Accotex starts a new era in compound technology. The development of a new formulation – using high quality raw materials of the latest generation combined with latest rubber mixing technology – revolutonized rubber cots for compact spinning. The successor to the J series signifies the following: AC for Accotex and C for cots, the number after ACC indicates the Shore A hardness.

With the ACC series, Accotex sets new standards in cot quality. In the combination of the best raw materials, a revolutionary compound formulation and modern kneading machines, Accotex was able to create many improvements for the compact spinning sector.

Product details

As a result of sophisticated mixing technology and high-grade raw materials, the ACC64 and ACC68 cots benefit from an increase of up to 50% in grinding intervals for compact spinning and offers spinners full flexibility thanks to their front-delivery roller interchangeability on Rieter compact-spinning machines.

Up to 60 days grinding interval in compact spinning

Thanks to a unique elastomeric structure due to increased mechanical stability and enhanced elasticity, the Accotex ACC64 and ACC68 display unsurpassed grooving performance which leads to up to 50% higher lifetime, without compromising on yarn quality and grinding ease.

Highest flexibility

The ACC64 and ACC68 are suitable for any type of staple fiber and yarn count and can be run on both front and delivery position. Depending on the yarn count and type of fiber, the cots can be switched easily from front to delivery roller and vice versa for full flexibility.

Excellent anti-lapping properties without UV treatment

Thanks to new polymer technology, the ACC64 and ACC68 cots offer excellent anti-lapping properties without the need for any additional treatment. Cot maintenance is reduced and machine downtime minimized.


productapplicationfiberColorSHORE HARDNESS
ACC64Front + compact rollerAllBerry64
ACC68Front + compact rollerAllOlive68



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