ACC80 Cots

The revolutionary air-jet cot
  1. Less cot deformation
  2. Longer service life
  3. Up to 50% longer Intervals between grinding cycles

The ACC series

Accotex starts a new era in compound technology. The development of a new formulation – using high quality raw materials of the latest generation combined with latest rubber mixing technology – revolutonized rubber cots for air-jet spinning. The successor to the J series signifies the following: AC for Accotex and C for cots, the number after ACC indicates the Shore A hardness.

With the ACC series, Accotex sets new standards in cot quality. In the combination of the best raw materials, a revolutionary compound formulation and modern kneading machines, Accotex was able to create many improvements for the air-jet spinning sector.

New air-jet cot ACC80

The latest Accotex series of cots for air-jet spinning, the ACC series, features high quality material and the latest rubber mixing technology. The ACC80 is a revolutionary rubber cot for air-jet spinning with outstanding performance:

  • Extended lifetime
    Made of the best raw materials, an exceptional compound formulation and the latest mixing technology, the ACC80 cot reaches phenomenal grinding intervals, up to 50% longer than others in its category.
  • Improved grindability
    The ACC80 sets a new benchmark in grindability. This revolutionary cot is faster and easier to bring to target accuracy when grinding.
  • Increased heat resistance
    Adapted to the increased speeds of today’s air-jet machines, the ACC80 offers exceptional heat resistance, even under 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.


ProductApplicationFiberColorShore A hardness
ACC80Front roller cot




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